About us

The Tropela Association was founded in March, 2005. As it was founded to fill in the shortages existent in the Basque language with respect to new Technologies, Tropela.net was created as a website. The field chosen to do so, was cycling, as this sport produces great interest in the Basque society.

The main function of Tropela.net is to organize different competitions related to cycling. The first competition organized by this association was in 2005 and, the said competitions were related to the Tour of France and totally in Basque. These competitions had interesting prizes or awards and to participate was free. Since then, the different competitions organized have been related to the main cycling races (Euskal Herriko Itzulia, Italy´s Giro, The Tour of France, Spain´s Vuelta and the World Cycling Championships), and the number of participants taking part has been increasing year by year. Even the Website itself has been remodulated in order to have it updated with the new computer science Technologies, and so be able to offer the best services.

But, Tropela.net is not only limited to competitions. Apart from the different competitions organized, it follows the news related to the racing cyclists and these news are shared by means of a log in which anyone can take part. Furthermore, The Tropela Association apart from Internet, organizes different events (prize or award events, outings…).

During the past years, Tropela.net has taken its place within the Internet community and is going to maintain its place and also increase it.

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