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Person in charge

By complying the Organic Law of August 13th 15/1999 related to the Protection of Personal Data, THE TROPELA BASQUE AND COMPUTER SCIENCE ASSOCIATION (that from now on will be referred to as TROPELA.NET), with identity IFZG20883286 and with its social address at: Iturribide kalea, 22-2B, PK 20800 Zarautz, Gipuzkoa (Spain), informs its users of the following: the personal data-file at this website is an authorised file, created by TROPELA.NET and under its responsibility

This file has been correctly registered under the name of the person in charge at the Spanish Agency of Data Protection.

Taking into account at every moment the technology situations and by following the DBLO, 1720/2007 Vlllth Title of the King´s Decree, and actual laws, the person in charge of the website will take the necessary measures, in the technical and security areas in order to avoid any losses and unauthorized use, or entering into this personal data.


The objective of the website that has been created, it so administer the entries to the offered services and to give a total criterion and, if need be, often send information related to the renewals, products and activities held by TROPELA.NET. And, likewise, to enable TROPELA.NET to send its users any notifications or information, and, mainly, inform them on any new changes that may take place in privacy policy or in conditions of usage, if there should be so.

To fill in the forms that appear on the portal implies that the User takes upon him/herself the acceptance that His/her personal data be entered in that automatized file (that is, in the portal file belonging to the person in charge).

If someone should want to fill in the register form with another physical person´s personal data, before doing so, the person doing so must inform the person whose data is going to be using about this privacy policy, and more so, will have to confirm that the said person permits to give that data to TROPELA.NET.

If what is stipulated on the above paragraph should not be complied, and if due to this TROPELA.NET should have any damages, the user will be responsible for their costs.


The user guarantees that the given personal data is true, and is responsible of informing TROPELA.NET of any changes that this data may have. If the forms to be filled in are completed with partly or whole false data, or with unactualized data and by doing so harms the person in charge of the portal or any other third person directly or indirectly the User will be made responsible.

TROPELA.NET will act with responsibility and will do its best in verifying that given data is true, and if any user should give false or uncompleted data TROPELA.NET will take upon itself the right to not register or to expel the said user, or to carry out any other action that may be considered pertinent.

User´s rights

The user will have the right to enter with his/her data, in order to correct the said data. To destroy data and to oppose data being treated, the user must get in touch with the person responsible of the file, with TROPELA.NET, which address is: Iturribide kalea, 22-2B, PK 20800 Zarautz, Gipuzkoa, (Spain); otherwise by means of electronic post by writing to this address: [email protected].

From all the data you hand in to TROPELA.NET, this association will only save in their services the part of this data needed to utilize the services offered by TROPELA.NET. The data saved would be: name and surnames, electronic address and email account. That data may be completed in the future if needed, in order to offer an adequate service.

Commercial notifications

The user knows and takes upon her/himself the acceptance that TROPELA.NET can send commercial notices that TROPELA.NET should estimate to be of interest for the user. These notices will be sent to the email address given by the said user: applying at all times this privacy policy.

Those commercial notices can be related to TROPELA.NET´s own activity or those related to activities applying thirds. Likewise, TROPELA.NET can send its users notifications on renewals made in the services.

In any way, the user will always have the option to be opposed to the receipt of these notifications by following the notes that appear in those messages.

The use of Google Analytic and cookies

This website uses Google Analytics, an analytic service offered by Google, Inc. Company by web. That company belongs to Delaware, and has its main office at: 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View (California), CA 94043, USA (we will be using "Google“ from now on). Google Analytics uses cookies. These cookies give the website in itself the help needed to analize text-files ubicated in your computer, precisely, and how the users utilize the website.

The information produced on the use of the website (including your IP address) will be directly transmitted to Google and be saved by it in the services that Google has in the USA. Google will use that information, through us, in order to follow the use made of the website. It will gather the Webpage´s activity reports. It will also give other services linked to use made with the website and Internet. Google will be able to leave that information in hands of thirds when law so orders, or when those thirds process that information for Google. Google will not by any way attach your IP address to any other data it may have. It is up to you, firstly that your data be treated or to be opposed to information, secondly to have your navigator configured in a proper way without accepting the use of cookies, but you must know, if you should not accept cookies, you may not be able to make use of all the services given on this website. On making use of this website, you have accepted that Google may treat information about you, the way we have said above and for the above named objectives.

Links with other pages sor websites

It can occur, that this website may have some links to go to other pages or websites. If by means of the links that appear in this website you go to other other websites, we recommend you to read with attention the privacy policy of those websites, for this Policy only applies to the TROPELA.NET website, and for the services it offers.

Recommendations and invitations made by users through this website.

If wished so, the users will be able to invite friends to this service; they will do it by sending an email, by means of the recommendations – or invitation automatic system incorporated in this website.

TROPELA.NET will never treat the data that the users write up in those invitations, nor if a receiver makes any claim against TROPELA.NET, the invitor will have to answer for it.

Changing this privacy policy

TROPELA.NET has the right to change this privacy policy. Each time a significant change is made to the privacy policy, the user will be notified by electronic post, a message will be sent to the address given by the user when creating a user account.

After the privacy policy has been changed to use the service means that you know the new version of that Policy and is accepted.

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