1. How can I take part?

(1.1) In this game you can only participate by internet.

(1.2) To enable you to make up a team you must follow these steps:

  • If you have not already created a user name, you must do so (the given data must be true).
  • Make up a team: choose from the given cyclists.

2. How many teams can I make up?

(2.1) Each person can only create one user name.

(2.2) Each user can only make up one team per competition organized.

3. Beetles

(3.1) If any irregularities should be found in any of the users, that user will become a Beetle.

(3.2) If the data of a user should be false, that user will become a Beetle.

(3.3) If one same person should in one of the competitions organized make up two or more teams, all his user names will become Beetles.

(3.4) A Beetle will be limited in Tropela: will not receive any prizes or awards, will be left out of the Year´s Classification, will have limited sections…

(3.5) If a Beetle corrects its irregularities, it may no longer be qualified as so.

(3.6) If a Beetle does not correct its situation, the Tropela Association may take measures.

4. Term to make up the team

(4.1) Normally, the period stipulated to make up the teams is opened a few days before the race starts, and will close the day and time at which the said race begins.

(4.2) In that period of time, one can change the made up team as many times as wished.

5. Dorsals: cyclists´list

(5.1) The Tropela Association will write up its proper cyclists´list.

(5.2) The cyclists will be divided into groups and a number of cyclists, perviously stipulated, will have to be chosen from each group.

(5.3) After the closing date for the making up of teams, there will be no further options to change the teams. If someone should include in the made up team a cyclist that is not going to the race, this person will have to participate in the competition with a minor number of cyclists.

(5.4) Some of the cyclists on the list will not be in the race. We will do our best in having you informed on this matter in the shortest time posible. However, it is each user´s responsibility to revise the made up team and to assure that each of the cyclists chosen is going to participate in the race.

(5.5) Once the period for preparing the teams has started, the groups of riders will not be changed. In other words, during this registration period, the only updates will be to change the status of each rider as indicated in section 5.4.

(5.6) Exceptionally, it may happen that none of the riders in one of the groups will participate in the race, for example because the team has decided to not include in the roster or due to an injury, among other reasons. In that case, the number of riders indicated in the group will have to be chosen even if none of them participate. These groups will be marked with an asterisk (*) sign to avoid possible confusion.

6. Scoring system

(6.1) At the end of each competition organized, points will be given out to each cyclist (see scoring tables).

(6.2) Each user will go adding up points depending on the cyclists chosen.

(6.3) Team time trials will be punctuated.

  • All cyclists of the first three qualified teams of the time trial will obtain points, even they arrive with delay to the finish line.
  • In case that one of the cyclist does not finish the time trial (retired) he/she will not obtain any points, even his/her team is qualified in the first three positions.

(6.4) The points of team classification will be given to the cyclists that has finished the race.

(6.5) The points for the first basque

  • To give the first basque cyclist points at least two basque cyclists have to participate in that race.
  • The first basque classified will get those points. If there is no basque cyclist that finishes the race, there will not be given those points.

7. Draws

(7.1) When a draw is produced, the winner will be the user that has made up the team earliest.

(7.2) Before the period of time stipulated to finish the making up teams ends, one has the option of changing the cyclists of ones team as many times one wishes to do so.

(7.3) The data of the made up team (date and time) will be the date and time at which the said team has last been saved.

8. Official results

(8.1) It will be considered results as being official, those that are based on the classifications that are published by the organizers of the said trials, in their websites. The classifications that will be given by the Tropela Association will be based on those results.

(8.2) The classifications will become definite once 5 days have passed since the end of the race.

And what about doping matters?

(8.3) If due to any reason (including doping) any cyclist should be excluded from the race by the organizers, the points obtained by that cyclist will be maintained if the said cyclist continues being present in the organizer´s classification.

(8.4) Once the classifications of the Tropela Association become definite, doping matters will have no influence nor will they alter the association´s classifications.

9. Prizes or awards

(9.1) There can be prizes or awards in each of the competitions organized, for example in the sponsored standings.

(9.2) There will be a limited period of time to enjoy prizes or awards.

(9.3) The users marked as Beetles will not be prized or awarded. So, the prize or award will go to the next participant not marked as Beetle.

10. New Norms

(10.1) The Tropela Association will have the right to change the norms or rules if any unexpected event should take place. For making claims: [email protected].

11. Privacy Law

(11.1) As stipulated in the Organic Law 15/99 for the Protection of Personal Information (LOPD), the Tropela Association compromises itself to make proper use of your personal data. Due to this, the data received by means of their website will not be used for anything else nor swap it with any other entity. All user will, at all times, have the option of complying with the right to correct, deny and oppose. The Tropela Association will take the appropriate measures in order to avoid, in the first place, that the personal information recopulated be changed or stolen, and in second place, that nobody will be able to use it without permission.

12. Sponsored standings

(12.1) The competitions can have sponsored standings.

(12.2) Those sponsored standings can have their own prices. To be part of those standings and to opt to the prices it is necessary to select the sponsored standing.

(12.3) The period to sign up in the sponsored standings will be the same to prepare the teams. Once the period to prepare the teams is closed it will not be possible to be part of the sponsored standings.

(12.4) To participate in the sponsored standings it is necessary to have the team of that race prepared. Once the team is prepared and the sponsored standings are selected, you will be part of the sponsored standing.

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